How to Take Care of the Male Genital Organ

According to statistics, men in many countries do not like and are even afraid to go to doctors. They especially avoid urologists and andrologists. Unfortunately, they do not understand that the penis is a unique organ. It requires care and attention to hygiene. And after mandatory examinations by doctors in childhood, as a rule, the next time men see urologists is at the age of 50 with a serious illness.

But these troubles could have been avoided at an earlier age! To do this, you should adhere to the following rules:

  1. Examine yourself at least once a month

Self-examination of the penis and scrotum should be carried out from the very beginning of puberty. This is an element of the boy’s acquaintance with his body, but this procedure also has a medical meaning – early detection of testicular tumors, which, unfortunately, are most common in men aged 18–30 years.

If a teenager began to examine himself at the age of 13, then by 18 he will be able to identify changes: everything was smooth, but then some kind of lump appeared. And if a teenager notices this, then he has a reason to see a doctor!

  1. Wash your penis with plain water as often as possible

Doctors advise washing the penis with regular warm water twice a day.

It is especially important to monitor the area under the foreskin, since smegma is actively accumulating there – sebaceous secretions, a natural lubricant that ensures that the foreskin can slide properly over the glans. At first it is whitish in color and odorless. But if you don’t wash it off, then after a few days the color changes to gray-green and the smegma begins to smell. The place itself becomes a convenient platform for the proliferation of infections. One of them, balanitis (inflammation of the glans, often caused by a buildup of smegma), can be very painful.

It’s surprising how many men ignore the area under the foreskin. Not only does lack of hygiene regularly lead to complications, it is also very unpleasant for the sexual partner. So before washing, you need to pull back the foreskin to the end to see the entire head of the penis and wash it.

However, you should be careful with the foreskin of a boy before puberty. Do not try to forcefully retract the foreskin as this may be painful and cause harm. The foreskin may still be attached to the head of the penis and therefore will not move completely. At this stage of a boy’s development, there is no need to brush in this area.

  1. Be sure to wash your penis after sex and masturbation

Unlike the vagina, the penis cannot clean itself; it will have to be helped. And if the owner of a vagina does not have any liquids left inside after sex, the acidic environment will deal with them, then the remaining liquid from the penis must be washed off. Because if they dry on the skin, this will lead to a very rapid growth of bacteria. Therefore, it is optimal if a man goes to wash himself at least 10–15 minutes after sex.

As a last resort, you will definitely need to wash yourself before going to bed or use an unscented baby wipe.

For uncircumcised men, it is especially important to pay attention to cleanliness under the foreskin after masturbation and wet dreams, since dried semen between areas of the skin is also an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria.

  1. Handle soap with care

The penis is a very delicate place that requires careful care. You can use soap when washing your penis, but you should rinse it off thoroughly afterwards. It is especially important to monitor this if the man is uncircumcised. Soap is inherently alkali, and if it gets on the delicate skin and mucous membrane under the foreskin and remains there, it can lead to the development of phimosis (a condition in which exposure of the head of the penis is painful or impossible due to the narrowing of the foreskin).

To avoid this, it is better to use simple soap with a minimum amount of ingredients.

But antibacterial soap is not at all necessary for washing the penis.

  1. It’s better to be careful with bright blue shower gels

As a rule, stores offer men a rather limited number of shower gels – masculine options with “frosty freshness” or menthol. After all, no one should doubt the masculinity of a man who washes his hair, face and penis with one gel. But for the well-being of your penis, it is better to buy a separate product for it. After all, the use of shower gels with specific odors, bright blue color and menthol fragrances, can be fraught with allergic reactions or intolerance to some components. Therefore, it is advisable to deal with ordinary soap and warm water.

Pay attention to any irritation, blemishes, or discolored areas on the skin of the penis. This could be a sign that your personal care product is not suitable for you, or an infection.

Try washing your penis with water only for a few days, and if irritation still remains, see a doctor.

  1. Don’t use scented talc

Genitals should not smell like flowers. Genitals washed with water in a timely manner do not stink. Stop tormenting the penis and vagina with perfume, powders and fragrances, as has now become popular among men in many developed countries. The use of deodorants for the genital area, which have become fashionable – special scented powders – is bad because it clogs the pores and contributes to the accumulation of talc under the foreskin. And this can already promote the growth of bacteria.

  1. Don’t leave your penis wet after washing

Urologists advise thoroughly drying the penis. Excessive moisture promotes the development of candidiasis and increased bacterial growth in the area under the foreskin.

However, it is important not to forget that the skin in this area is delicate, so there is no need to rub the penis until it turns red. It is optimal to just blot the penis with a towel and close the foreskin.

  1. Don’t forget about the testicles and pubic area

At the base of the penis and testicles, where sweat and hair combine, the odor can be as strong as under the arms, so these areas need frequent washing. Especially if they were in thick clothes most of the day. Make sure the area between the base of the testicles and the anus is also clean.

And it’s a good idea to check your testicles for swelling and swelling. You should do this once a month after a warm bath or shower.

  1. Don’t stick your penis into places it’s not intended for this purpose

If you want to diversify your sex life, then for this there are sex toys and devices sold in sex shops. But there is a certain category of men who insert their penis into objects that are not suitable for this. And this can cause serious damage to the penis.

Also do not forget to wash sex toys with soap after use and dry thoroughly.

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  1. Protect yourself

Urologists around the world are unanimous in their opinion that it is necessary to use condoms during sexual intercourse with new partners or those partners for whom you have not seen the results of an analysis for sexually transmitted infections. Moreover, the results of these tests should be fresh and, ideally, not just once, but with an interval of at least three months.

Regular personal hygiene can reduce the risk of contracting HIV. However, a balance needs to be struck here, since too much thorough washing and frequent exposure to harsh detergents can damage the skin of the penis, and this in turn will facilitate the penetration of bacteria and viruses, including sexually transmitted diseases.

Remember that any skin ulcer, skin scratch and poor penile hygiene can increase the risk of HIV transmission.

  1. Go for preventive examinations

A teenager without complaints should go to the doctor at 13–14 years old.

If delayed puberty is suspected, no symptoms should be considered in isolation. It is also worth looking at the development of secondary sexual characteristics, checking whether sex hormones are released and whether they reach their destination. It is necessary to monitor whether signs of hair growth have appeared on the face and body, whether the voice has changed, or whether there is a growth spurt. It is believed that one should really sound the alarm if signs of puberty have not appeared by the age of 20.

But with early puberty, parents should take their child to a urologist and endocrinologist. Early maturation in boys is considered to be that which begins before the age of nine. So signs of hair growth and a growth spurt at age seven should be alarming.

Adult men should go for a check-up once a year.

A responsible attitude towards one’s health and one’s sexual partner suggests that a man should be tested for sexually transmitted infections at least once a year. This should of course vary depending on whether he is in a monogamous relationship or not, but as a rule of thumb it should be checked once a year.

In adolescents in Central and Eastern Europe, serious pathologies are first discovered only during a medical examination in the army. One of the common pathologies is microgenitalia, in which the penis does not grow and cannot perform its functions. If diagnosed early, it can be completely cured with hormonal therapy. In the future, treatment becomes more difficult.

  1. Be sure to consult a doctor if you have complaints

A visit to the doctor can be useful even if you have the slightest doubt, since cancer, such as testicular tumors, develops rapidly and very aggressively. Treatment of cancer is effective if applied in the early stages. Therefore, both self-examination and a timely visit to the doctor are very important.

  1. Problems with potency can save a man’s life

Any violations in the sexual sphere are always a complex problem. As a rule, they signal endocrinological and vascular diseases that cannot be dealt with on their own.

It is important to understand that any discomfort in sexual life requires consulting a doctor: premature ejaculation, too short sexual intercourse. These problems can be effectively resolved, which will significantly improve the patient’s quality of life if he consults a doctor in a timely manner.

Medicine has already revealed that erectile dysfunction can be an early sign of problems with the heart and blood vessels. Scientific studies have proven that signs of impaired potency appear 2–3 years earlier than signs of coronary heart disease, and 3–5 years earlier than the possible development of myocardial infarction.

Therefore, early detection of sexual dysfunction can save a man’s life. This is a reason to undergo an extensive examination, take blood tests, do an electrocardiogram and check for signs of coronary heart disease.

Therefore, we can say without exaggeration that hygiene and care for the genital organ is vital for every man!

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