What Should You Not Allow in Your Sexual Life?

To get more pleasure from your sexual life and be confident in your partner’s comfort, you should avoid the following things:

  1. Be silent

The more we talk about sex, the more often it turns out that the participants in the process may have diametrically opposed views on the intimacy that has already occurred.

If we are not talking about traumatic and unwanted sex, then, as a rule, both can talk about their feelings and expect that they will be heard.

Say so!

Of course, both should do this, but in a heterosexual couple it is assumed that the active role will be assigned to the man. And often both partners expect that this same man will know without words how to satisfy both. But people can’t read minds. Waiting silently for a miracle is not an option.

An adequate partner will hear the desire of his partner. If he is stupid, he will probably try to prove that his previous partners came from this 40 times a night. In this case, it is better for the woman to send the man to his ex and remind him that he needs to behave differently in bed with her.

  1. Criticize

Yes, taboo phrases are evil, but criticism in bed means a dismissive, harsh and rude tone. If you are not satisfied with something, you want to stop the process, you realized that you missed an orgasm, your leg is numb – say so directly.

Perhaps the partner will get upset and ask what he is doing wrong. You’ll have to be patient and voice that it’s not his fault, it’s just that your leg has gone numb and your orgasm has gone away. You are ready to continue like this or to help your partner finish, but you don’t want any more body movements in your direction.

  1. Be offended by your partner’s words

Don’t be put off by your partner’s comments. Yes, you may be feeling really good right now and want to finish. Or you have already had an orgasm and want to bring your partner to it. But if this partner wants to stop, stop.

This doesn’t mean that you are a terrible lover or mistress. This means that the partner wants to slow down or change his position. If you both respect each other, then the process after the safe phrase will be fine.

Your partner can help you end in a different way that doesn’t personally traumatize them or require them to “just be patient.” And there are dozens of such ways, don’t get hung up on vaginal sex!

  1. Ignore the pain

If some type of action hurts you, don’t tolerate it. Tell your partner about this. If you only feel pain from penetrative sex, but generally want to continue, you have a lot of options for other interactions.

Pain is an abnormal reaction. Try to find out the cause with the help of a doctor.

If your partner says they are in pain, stop immediately. There is no need to persuade him to continue, be patient, or suggest “What if I do this?” You will figure out later what is the optimal continuation for your partner, but right now you need to stop.

If your partner is ready to continue, but in a different way, do not insist on your own. Vaginal and anal penetration with the penis most often causes pain. If this is your case, then the penis should no longer fall into these holes today, and you and your partner can engage in an alternative practice.

  1. Ignore your partner’s indifference

Passivity is not the same as indifference. If you enthusiastically caress some part of your partner’s body, but his breathing does not stop, and he generally lies motionless, it means that this does not excite him.

He may remain silent for various reasons. For example, he sees that you are enjoying yourself and does not want to deprive you of it. But sex works both ways, and it makes more sense if partners are busy arousing each other, rather than arousing themselves at the expense of the other.

  1. Worry about orgasm

There is no need to consider orgasm as the final and obligatory point of sex. Moreover, the point that completes intimacy.

Actually, orgasm usually requires a certain amount of friction in a certain place, and sometimes almost 10 seconds is enough. Most people get orgasms faster from masturbation, so you don’t really need a partner for this.

Sex is, above all, intimacy and pleasure, and orgasm is just one of its components.

If you listen to each other and are ready to change technique and movements at the first request of your partner, then orgasm will most likely occur for both. And don’t focus on your orgasm, it will most likely lead to the opposite.

Don’t fake an orgasm. Don’t be offended by your partner’s words that he didn’t have an orgasm – these are all normal parts of sex. Even if it is incredibly difficult to talk and hear about this, it will help us better understand each other in the future.

  1. Be embarrassed to voice your desires

If you want to try something new, don’t be shy about suggesting it to your partner. But it would be more correct for everyone if the request sounds like this: “I want to be tied up and spanked,” and not like this: “I really want to insert a butt plug into you.”

In the first case, you voice your desire and place responsibility on the other for its implementation and your comfort. If you ask for some action, then at a minimum you are ready to try, at a maximum you will be very pleased.

In the second case, you ask your partner to do something with him and make yourself responsible for his comfort. And the person with whom you will do something new for him will be less likely to be pleased, only if you have not guessed his secret desire.

If you still decide on the second option, then stick to a simple rule: ask a girl for an anal plug – be prepared to test it on yourself first. Correctly calculating the intensity and strength of the impact is possible only if you understand how your partner feels.

  1. Use scented wax candles as sex toys

Just don’t do it. This is almost always a burn and an allergic reaction.

  1. Having sex with people just because you think they want it

People don’t want sex 24/7.

In 2022 Finnish scientists conducted an experiment in which three couples had to have sex every day for a month. They felt bad.

If a person comes into your apartment, he doesn’t necessarily want sex. When a person decides whether he wants intimacy at the moment, the personal characteristics of the partner play almost the last role. Sex is not there to boost your self-confidence.

If your plan is to bring someone to orgasm, it is useful to remember that this requires a relaxed brain. A person who, during friction, thinks about how much he wants to be here, will not be able to relax. And then for you it will be masturbation, and for the other – bad sex.

  1. Having sex with a drunk person

Whether any sex while drunk or high is considered violent is a question that has bothered many people for many years.

In fact, such sex is not violent if both are in the same state: there is little or no one who can interfere with them.

But still, more often than not, one of the partners controls himself better. And this is easy to check: the one who brought the second one to the apartment is in a more adequate state, and it is he who is responsible for the safety of the one whom he undertook to escort.

In such a situation, one life hack will come in handy. If there is a drunk person in front of you and you want to have sex with him, ask yourself whether you would trust him to get behind the wheel of your car right now. If not, then you can’t have sex with him.

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